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Welcome to the home of Prime Cabinets. We are leading cabinet makers, specializing in a wide range of custom cabinet making services including kitchen cabinets, bathroom, laundry and office solutions for homes and businesses throughout the Perth metropolitan areas.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our cabinet makers have built a name for designing and installing quality kitchen cabinets that represent both quality and style -- all delivered with our trademark attention to detail and friendly customer service.

Whatever you need to store, hold or shelve in your Perth home or business, make your first call to Prime Cabinets for a cabinetry solution that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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A wide range of kitchen , bathroom, laundry and cabinetry services

Prime Cabinets proudly designs, supplies and installs a wide range of kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and office cabinetry services, tailored to match your style, needs and budget.

Our cabinet makers specialize in the following cabinetry solutions for Perth homes and businesses:

Our cabinet makers offer professional services directly to homeowners, interior designers, architects and builders. Call us for a free quote today.


Modern Kitchen Design

10 Kitchen Design Tips For A Stunning Kitchen

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Design your kitchen for your home
A great kitchen is one that looks like it was made for your home -- not looking like it has come straight out of the factory along with a million other identical units.

Your kitchen cabinets should run all the way to the ceiling, giving a seamless, streamlined look and benchtops should fit perfectly with no visible seams or joins. In the world of kitchen design, every millimeter counts.

Make your appliances blend into your kitchen
In a quest for open plan bliss hide your most important appliances such as your fridge and dishwasher with integrated panels or fitted doors the same material as your cupboards.

You hide your small appliances behind doors, so why not your large appliances, too?

Splashbacks can make all the difference
If you’re looking to add personality to your new kitchen, it’s hard to look past a smart splashback to add flair and style.

Modern splashbacks are available in a wide range of materials, colors and designs and can be customized to blend seamlessly with your benchtops or add a dynamic contrast.

Make your benchtop the centerpiece
Even if your budget does not stretch to bringing an iconic granite or marble benchtop to your kitchen, with some creative design you can still make an impact.

Opt for thick edges and chunky slabs to add impact to your kitchen. As for the material, today’s choices extend to stones, composites, timber and laminates -- all of which can be tailored to suit both your style and your budget.

Islands can create harmony with the rest of your home
Cooking and entertaining your guests do not need to be separate things. A thoughtfully considered kitchen island can serve multiple purposes and act as a work surface, breakfast bar or an entertaining area in their own right.
Clue up on color
To invoke a feeling of calm, choose natural colors and earth tones. Or, for a crisp, modern look, choose white, cream or light charcoal. Be careful with both dark tones and bright colors While both can add drama and impact, they can quickly overpower a kitchen.

To bring color to your kitchen, concentrate on experimenting with splashbacks or cupboard doors.

Design your kitchen for real life
When you design your kitchen, avoid experimenting with unusual layouts. While they can look great on paper, they can quickly become impractical in your day to day life.

Your main work areas will always be your oven, sink and fridge. Design your kitchen around this ‘Golden Triangle’ and keep these areas close together for cooking bliss.

Choose smart lighting
While halogen spotlights are excellent for working, your kitchen should also be able to be lit to suit your mood and your lifestyle.

Complement modern lighting features with warm pendants and feature lighting fixtures and remember that a dimmer switch can make all the difference to the mood of your kitchen.

Streamline all of your surfaces
Cupboard handles are becoming increasingly rare in today’s modern kitchen. Instead of opting for handles, choose press-open doors or cupboards with hidden finger holds to make your kitchen perfectly streamlined.

If you do decide on handles, aim to choose simple, low profile fixtures in matte or metal.

Combine clever storage solutions
Your pots, pans and crockery are all different shapes and sizes, and so should be your cupboards and drawers.

Combine easy access drawers with deep cupboards to blend easy to access every-day use with deep storage for items that are only used occasionally for an intensely practical kitchen.


Professional Cabinet Makers for Perth Homes and Businesses

The perfect cabinet solution for your home or business should not only be practical and well made... it should look fantastic, too. Our cabinet makers specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing cabinetry solutions that look great, are made to the highest standards and represent exceptional value for money.

Prime Cabinets proudly provide homes and businesses throughout Perth with leading kitchen, bathroom, laundry, office and other cabinetry solutions services all delivered with our trademark attention to detail and friendly customer service.

For a free quote from Perth's leading cabinet makers, please contact Prime Cabinets today, or send us an online enquiry.


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